Victor's Story

Victor was a wonderful, sweet Lop bunny that came to The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue from the local Animal Shelter. Victor was found in Lone Pine. He had been caught by a dog. I went to see Victor after a shelter worker called to ask about a "thing" that was hanging from under his chin. I took one look at at Victor and knew he needed medical treatment as soon as possible. The "thing" under his chin was a burst abscess. The abscess went from the side of his jaw all the way under his chin.Victor was also very thin, strarving and had ear & fur mites. I knew Victor had been on his own for awhile. A victim of a human who had set him "free". Domestic rabbits are not equiped to live in the wild. They are often killed by predators or cars.

Or they end up like poor Victor.

On Friday July 13, 2007 we took Victor to the vet. We started him on antibiotics and treated him for mites. Victor was so good about taking his medication.

On Monday July 16, 2007 we took Victor in to have the abscess removed. His X-ray showed the infection had gone into his jaw bone. The bone was severely deteriorated. Eventually, even with surgery, the abscess would return and his jaw bone could shatter. We went ahead with the surgery. I felt Victor deserved some extra time so we could just love him and show him the kindness he so deserved. Sadly Victor passed away during recovery.

My heart breaks for Victor. My only consolation is that I know Victor is now free of pain. I am sure he is happily doing 'bunny binkies' up at the Rainbow Bridge.

Victor, I will miss you, buddy boy.

If you or someone you know is thinking of setting their pet rabbit "free" please don't.

If you can no longer care for your rabbits please contact The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue or a rescue near you.

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The Bunny Castle would like to thank ICARE's Stitch Fund for making Victors surgery possible.

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