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Bunnies in the Spotlight: Sterling



Hello! My name is Sterling! I am a small grey bunny with a big personality!

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The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue

A 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit No Kill Organization Dedicated to the Welfare of the Domestic Rabbit

Our Mission:

 Rescue, care, rehabilitation, spay & neuter and adoption of domestic rabbits.


Dory and Coral enjoy their exercise time.


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Your tax deductible dollars help us purchase feed, hay and supplies for our bunnies. It also helps with spay and neuter surgeries and pays for any vet visits or medications the bunnies may need.
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The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue
105 Rawson Creek Rd.
Bishop, Ca 93514
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Fun Rabbit Facts

  • Rabbits are "lagomorphs", not rodents, and are related to hares and pikas.
  • Domesticated rabbits are very social and do best when adopted in bonded pairs.
  • Rabbits are most active in the early morning and in the late evening.
  • Rabbits that live indoors can live an average of 8 to 13 years while a rabbit living outdoors has an average lifespan of only 2 years!
  • Timothy hay is absoutely necessary for digestion
  • Rabbits can be potty trained.





The Reality Of Easter Bunnies.




Easter and Bunnies Don't Mix

Contrary to Eastertime hype, rabbits and small children are not a
good match. The natural exuberance and rambunctiousness of
even the gentlest toddler are stressful for the sensitive rabbit.
Children like a companion they can hold, carry, and cuddle.
That's why stuffed animals are so popular. Rabbits are not passive
and cuddly. They are ground-loving creatures who feel frightened
and insecure when held and restrained. The result: the child loses
interest, and the rabbit ends up neglected or abandoned.
Rabbits are not "low-maintenance" pets. They have a
lifespan of 10 years and require as much work as a dog or cat.
Your home must be bunny-proofed, or Thumper will chew electrical
cords and furniture. Rabbits must be spayed or neutered or
they will mark your house with feces and urine. They should live
indoors, as members of the family. To consign these sensitive,
intelligent, social animals to life in a hutch is to miss the joy of
sharing your life with a rabbit. So if your child is pleading for a
bunny for Easter, do a rabbit a favor, and buy her a toy rabbit that
she can snuggle to her heart's content. Let's make Easter a joyful
time for our long-eared friends.
Clearly, rabbits aren't for everyone. Are you a gentle adult living in
a quiet household? If you think you're one of those rare individuals
who would enjoy sharing life with a rabbit, please visit your
local rabbit-rescue group.

Easter & Bunnies
Don’t Mix
Borrowed from the House Rabbit Society

April 2012

The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue would like to thank The PetCo Foundation for our

$500.00 spay and neuter grant


Our PetCo grant helped to spay Zoe. As a result she has been adopted!